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Rajesh and Vijay Vaja have spent the last 20 years working for several IT companies. Both have had various positions with varying duties. After acquiring a good deal of expertise, the two got together and decided to launch their businesses. In 2012, we established Skytech Software Solution, but we later carried on with Raviva InfoTech Private Limited. With Strategic Business Units and a web-based, bespoke technology solution with strong engineering experience, RavivaInfotech Private Limited is currently developing into a multi-engineering technology firm. Excellent work ethics, integrity, and final products are something we are proud of. Techno-freaks has been able to improve our clients' and partners' online presence by developing gorgeous, multi-award-winning websites throughout the years in a variety of sectors.

With strong experience in software development for both offline and online solutions, Raviva InfoTech Private Limited specializes in customized account management, inventory management, barcode inventory management, barcode billing, barcode label printing, ERP, CRM, payroll (HRM), and marketing management for businesses like manufacturers, traders, and service providers. This allows the company to offer customers a competitive online solution that helps them compete in the ever-expanding market of today.


The ultimate objective of our business is to design and develop solutions that are usable by the majority of companies, deliver revenue, and evolve with them.

Our entire procedure and service offering is cantered on giving clients all they require when they first start, so dealing with us is always simple, quick, and hassle-free.


Client-centric excellence.

Our mission is to deliver client-centric excellence in every aspect of our IT solution services.

Interfaces and systems are user-friendly for positive interaction.

User-Friendly Design.

Enabling seamless progress.

Provide exceptional services that enable businesses to progress seamlessly in the digital realm.

Creative Strategy

In general, the creative strategy describes how the solutions will fulfil the business's goals. All it does is simplify the business process.